Caring from someone with an eating disorder, is a complex task and requires carers to develop skills and knowledge they may not have previously had. Families need access to high quality information and advice.

EDFA is in the process of developing up and promoting useful resources for families and carers of those with an eating disorder. Please let us know of resources you would like developed or think would have been useful for you; or you have used and think we should promote!

Family Led Refeeding and Recovery Resource Package

Developed by a lived experience carer for service providers to provide families new to family led refeeding and recovery. Includes essential psychoeducation; tips on getting started, refeeding, managing distress and telling others; meal suggestions; links to useful resources and more.

To access Part A and B go to here and here

Parents Survive to Thrive Guide

BC Children’s Hospital has developed a resource to provide parents with tools, tips, advice, and strategies on how to navigate the challenges of having a child with body image and eating issues. The uniqueness of this resource is that it has been written by parents with firsthand experience having a child who has experienced an eating disorder.

To access, click here

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