It is critical to identify eating disorders as early as possible and families are often the first to notice early warning signs and symptoms. Families and Carers who are concerned about their loved one but struggling to get help may find the following two online tools useful

Feed Your Instinct (FYI) online tool


This interactive resource has been devised to help families of 10 – 20 year-olds to assess the early warning signs of eating disorders in their child. Critically, this tool provides an individualised evaluation of the behaviours the family is observing via a step-by-step Q&A format. Once users progress through the Q&A, they finish with a printable PDF report personalised to their child’s experience, which they can take to their local GP for action.

This unique report empowers families to act earlier, equipping them with the language and insights to convey their observations effectively to health professionals, and obtain accurate diagnosis as the illness is emerging. It is the first time in Australia that such a personalised tool has been developed for this illness. The report also provides GPs with best-practice guidelines for further assessment and diagnosis.

FYI is supported by the Victorian Government

Reach Out and Recover (ROAR) online tool

This interactive resource has been developed for adults who have eating and body concerns and who may be at risk of developing an eating disorder. ROAR assists adults to identify problems with eating and body image, promotes appropriate help-seeking, and provides guidance on how to seek the right support.

ROAR has been developed in response to consumer experiences of recognising and identifying eating and body problems, and insights into the challenges and experience of seeking assistance in the health sector for their eating and body concerns. These insights have been combined with expertise from health professionals and research to provide a comprehensive tool to guide and support concerned people.

ROAR is supported by the Victorian Government.