Expert families and carers as members of the team forming therapeutic alliances

Increasingly services and clinicians are involving families as key members of the clinical team in order to form therapeutic alliances. Commencing with the roll out of FBT in Australia as the primary treatment for people under 18, the involvement of families in being seen as a valuable partnership for clinicians and services to form in order to support someone with an eating disorder to engage in helpful and health restoring behaviours 24/7.

For families looking for an eating disorder clinician, a great place to look is the Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) which as a search tool for finding a clinician local to you. ANZAED is the peak professional association that supports and represents professionals who work in the field of Eating Disorders in Australia and is very committed to incorporating the lived experience of carers and consumers in their programs and resources through the recent establishment of the ANZAED Carer and Consumer Advisory Committee.

The Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders as an organisation in Victoria funded to support public eating disorder services with professional development, clinical consultation and service development. It has had a strong focus on supporting services and clinicians to integrate families into clinical teams, has a Carer Consultant available for services to access for supporting families in the clinical setting – and has a number of resources supporting clinicians and services to provide the best service possible to families. One key resource for families undertaking FBT is the Family Matters Tip Sheets which can be found in their resources and links section of their website.

Carers may find the Eating Disorders Care and Recovery Checklist for Carers developed by The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders useful for ascertaining what steps and activities need to occur at certain times in the journey through a eating disorder

Temperament Based Therapy with Supports

EDFA conducted a series of incredibly well received workshops in early 2019 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

In partnership with EDANZ, we were able to reach over 350 carers and clinicians across Australia and New Zealand. 290 people attended one day only carer/clinician workshops and a further 60 people continued on to do the 4 day training. Evaluations have indicated extremely high ratings for all aspects of the workshops and trainings.

EDFA deliberately brought clinicians and carers together for the workshops to recognise that both are critical members of the team and can learn from each other as well as the TBT-S presenters. 

For more information about the treatment methodology and the presenters, visit

A chat with Prof. Ivan Eisler re involving families in ED treatment and Temperament Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S)

The link below is a video that has Dr Stephanie Knazt-Peck of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) talking to Dr Ivan Eisler of the Maudsley Institute (UK) about the importance of families/parents/carers in the treatment of young adults and adults as part of the therapeutic alliance between clinicians and families/parents/carers