Impact of Covid-19 precautions on strive parent/carer support groups

In accordance with the Government requirements for social isolating & in the best interest of public safety, EDFA will cease our face-to-face monthly meetings. The strive carer support groups will continue on the nominated evenings, but will now be run on-line, via Zoom.  We will be running all on-line groups from 7.30pm-9pm & require attendees to be current financial members of EDFA, which is a volunteer, not-for-profit charity support organisation. 

Family membership is only $25 annually & you can join EDFA here:

Current strive support groups running:

strive Melbourne: 2nd Wednesday each month, join private FB page

strive Bendigo: 4th Wednesday each month, join private FB page

strive Perth: 3rd Tuesday each month, join private FB page

& starting soon:

strive Adelaide: 4th Wednesday each month, commencing 25th March 2020 at 7.30pm,

join private FB page

strive Tasmania.: 2nd Thursday each month, commencing 9th April 2020 at 7.30pm,

join private FB page

Please refer to the local EDFA strive facebook pages for further details and to create a connection with others in your area.

If you are keen for an online strive group in your region, please let us know by filling out this form:

Email or for further information or any queries around strive Carer support groups

strive Carer Support Groups

Responding to the isolation that they had experienced as carers of children with eating disorders, two EDFA directors Christine Naismith and Violeta Bozinovski founded a carer support group in late 2016 in Flemington, Victoria.  This group has provided a place of compassion, peer support and mutual learning and in 2019 the board determined that these groups should be offered to carers through Australia, to complement services already being provided.  A project manager was employed to drive this vision and EDFA now have three strive support groups and another seven in development for launch in 2020.  It is anticipated that strive carer support groups will be rolled-out where there is a gap in services and where there are local carers willing to be trained as volunteer facilitators.


strive carer support groups:

  • Provide a safe, supportive place for carers to meet each month in a semi-structured environment which allows for both knowledge sharing and peer support
  • Provide information and resources to assist parents and carers to understand eating disorders and their integral role in recovery
  • Encourage empowerment of carers in their role in the recovery of the person with the eating disorder.
  • Are run by trained volunteer carers, for carers.


To help overcome geographical barriers, EDFA also operates an online national membership service and a closed facebook group (search for Melbourne Eating Disorder Parent Support Group) where we provide support and maintain an online presence.


strive Flemington

Always 2nd Wednesday of Month, 8-10pm

Neighbourhood House

28 Farnham Street



strive Bendigo

Always 4th Wednesday of Month, 6.30-8.30pm

Bendigo Croquet Club

185-189 Barnard Street,

Bendigo (next to Bowls Club)


strive Perth

Always 3rd Tuesday of Month, 6.30-8.30pm

Citiplace Communty Centre

Upper Level Walkway,

Shop 2

Perth Railway Station Complex

378 Wellington Street


Attendees will be asked to join EDFA for a $25 annual family membership.  With thanks to a very generous donor, we are currently offering the book by Ganci, M & Atkins, L: ‘Unpacking Your Eating Disorder’ at no charge (valued at $26.95) to all new members.


Please contact  board director

Or, Project Manager should you wish further information or are interested in setting up a local group.

Online Forum

The F.E.A.S.T 24 hour parent carer family online forum 

The Around The Dinner Table forum is a free eating disorders peer support service provided for families and carers by F.E.A.S.T. It is moderated by kind, experienced parent caregivers trained to guide you in how to use the forum and how to find resources to help you support your family member. This forum is for parents of patients with all eating disorder diagnoses, all ages, around the world. If you need help using the forum please reach out to one of the moderators.



Closed Facebook groups

ATDTfb: An international peer support group for eating disorder caregivers on Facebook as a supplementary support forum to the F.E.A.S.T Around the Dinner Table online Forum.

IEDPS: An international peer support group for adults who care, or have cared for a loved one with an eating disorder. We are here for peer-to-peer sharing, support, education, guidance, encouragement, and to offer HOPE as we support our loved ones toward recovery

For Melbourne people, there is a Melbourne Eating Disorders Parent Support.

All of the above are closed Facebook groups, requiring you to answer some questions before being admitted to the group. All of these groups provide a private environment for connecting with other caregivers and cater for all types of caregivers from parents, friends, siblings and spouses.