Working With Others

Australian and international research evidence demonstrates that the most efficient and effective treatment for a person with an eating disorder occurs when working collaborative, inclusive, therapeutic alliances are formed between everyone connected to the person. The Eating Disorders Families Australia board members easily recognised the value of collaborative, inclusive therapeutic alliances as they had experiences from either end of the spectrum, from excellence in therapeutic alliance to a complete absence of any alliances even the extremes of separation/triangulation/splitting.

At the time when the current board members first started the EDFA journey, an Australian national organisation that only represents families and carers of people with eating disorders had not been established. The EDFA team believed that the creation of a Australia wide parent, carer, family focused and managed organisation would provide a platform and forum for the effective involvement of families and carers in the treatment of people with eating disorders.

EDFA can achieve more for its members and other patents carers families through joining effectively with those organisations who share elements of our mission and vision, thereby sharing and learning from each other’s expertise. EDFA will: Have a sound understanding of the sector within which we sit and seek to develop value-adding relationships with others in the sector. Work with organisations who share some of our mission and vision to establish mechanisms for effective collaboration

The EDFA Board “Working With Others” strategy;

  • By December 2017 within the EDFA Board, there will be sound knowledge of the eating disorder sector at a national and state level.
  • By December 2019:
    • 90% of providers and support organisations to people with eating disorders will report knowing of EDFA.
    • 50% of providers and support organisations to people with eating disorders will report EDFA is having a positive impact on the families and carers of people with an eating disorder.
    • 30% of providers and support organisations to people with eating disorders, will report having a value adding relationship with EDFA



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