EDFA Strategic Plan 2016-2017

Our Strategy Priority Areas

The original group of parents who first met in early 2016 became the inaugural Board of Eating Disorders Families Australia. The EDFA Board recognised there was a long journey ahead. If they were to make a sustainably positive impact on the lives of people they were seeking to help, the Board recognised the need to build off the foundations of a solid organisation. To that end, the Board put its efforts into establishing a sound governance base and strategic approach for the work that lay ahead. In November 2016 the EDFA Board met over a weekend in Victoria and developed the basis of the strategic plan that is here on the website. The governance framework has been developed in parallel with the strategy.

The EDFA strategy, plan and priority.

Eating Disorders Families Australia board members developed the 2016 -2017 Strategic Plan that concentrates on achieving its vision and mission by focusing on the following five Strategy Priority Areas:

1.    Skilled Families

2.    Families and Carers Wellbeing

3.    Services and Clinicians

4.    Working with Others

5.    Organisational Credibility

Celebrating great  work and collaboration

The Eating Disorders Families Australia board members celebrating the 2016 November weekend of collaboration and team work creating  the EDFA Vision, Mission Statement  that then enabled the creation of the EDFA strategic plan, and the five strategy priorities.


The next round of work for the board was the development of a set of intitiatives and an action plan to provide a platform and process for the work of EDFA and the board to be a reality. After the November 2016 weekend, the board met regularly via video conferencing between Perth in Western Australia & Melbourne Victoria with this work being completed during another face to face meeting in Melbourne during July 2017. With all of the foundation work completed the EDFA board can now progress the work of helping Australian parents, carers, families have life of being recovered.

Follow the link below to the EDFA Strategic Plan