EDFA Media release 13 May 2017

A media release Introducing Eating Disorders Families Australia

Eating Disorders impact over 1 million people a year and as many as approximately 4 million family members in Australia. Eating Disorders demand families and carers play key roles in both the successful treatment and recovery of their family member with an eating disorder and the long-term support of those with an extended illness. Research evidence shows that families and carers can be the difference between a short and long term illness, between a partial and full recovery and are often literally saving the life of their loved one.

This long and very challenging process requires skills and resources of families and carers which are not always readily accessible and this process often comes at a cost, emotionally and financially.

Today sees the exciting launch of a new Australian organisation dedicated to supporting families and carers, Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA). Building on strong foundations built by many others in Australia and internationally, EDFA has been set up by a group of carers of a loved one with an eating disorder. . EDFA’s vision is “An Australia where eating disorders struggle to emerge, thrive or persist”, and its purpose is to facilitate and advocate for families and carers to ensure they are supported, and equipped and acknowledged as a central part of optimising the recovery process for the person with the eating disorder.

Today we are marking the beginning of EDFA with the launch of our website at the At Home With Eating Disorders Conference, where 150 carers are gathering in Sydney to gain knowledge, skills and support from each other and from international and local expert. EDFA would like to thank both the hosts of this conference, the Butterfly Foundation and Families Empowered and Supporting the Treatment of Eating Disorders (F.E.A.S.T), for the opportunity to launch EDFA at the conference and for their willingness to work in partnership with our organisation in this much needed support of families and carers of Australians living with eating disorders.

EDFA Media release 18 May 2017

EDFA Chair Gordon Brockway and Board Member Don Irvine had the opportunity to chat with Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt MP today and were able to video him providing a message for attendees at the Connecting the Dots Conference in WA and the broader EDFA/family/carer community.

Link to video