A message from Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) Director, Gordon Brockway

As one of the founding directors of Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA), I would like to welcome you to EDFA and at the same time, let you know of immediate plans to continue our journey. Our strategic plan,  is guiding all of our activity.

Our constitution provides for members as “a person; caring for someone with an eating disorder, has previously cared for someone who had an eating disorder, is a relative of someone who has or has had an eating disorder, an organisation whose primary purpose is to support families and carers of those with an eating disorder or a person whom the directors consider, has an interest in supporting families and carers of those with an eating disorder.”

As part of the eating disorder community, the EDFA vision is,

“An Australia where eating disorders struggle to emerge, thrive or persist.”

Our mission is,

“To facilitate and advocate for families and carers to ensure they are supported and, equipped and acknowledged as a central part of optimising the recovery process for the person with the eating disorder.”

While there are a number of groups playing a role in supporting the addressing of eating disorders in Australia, we intend to add value from a combination of two unique positions:

  • We are the only group with the sole focus of supporting the families and carers of people with an eating disorder and,
  • We are a national organisation.

Our values and strategies are identified as:

You will also see a description of our five strategic pillars of:

As you read our strategy document I do hope it is clear that we do not see ourselves as competing with any existing or future services that support and equip families in line with our mission. Through our value of ‘collaboration’ and our strategy of ‘Working with others’, we see our role and contribution as helping our members to access existing services that are consistent with our mission and vision. Where services are not available to our members, we will work to have such services available to our members.

Our immediate focus is the establishment of this web presence that will be of direct assistance to our members. This will include linking our members to useful information and support services.

We broadly publicised the existence of EDFA, the EDFA website and call for members, at the “At Home with Eating Disorders Conference” in May this year.

As with all contemporary websites, the website we initially launched provided value for members at that time. The website will continue to evolve as we provide further information and links to services of value to our members. If you have suggestions for information and/or specific links that would assist our members, we would be delighted to review your suggestions for inclusion in the initial website or the website’s future iterations.

In addition to providing information and support through the EDFA website, other initiatives we are striving to deliver in 2017 include to:
  • Have a brochure available in a broad range of settings that raise awareness of eating disorders and guide families and carers to points of assistance.
  • Develop a social media presence to support families and carers of people with an eating disorder.
  • Seek to develop memorandums of understanding with relevant organisations.
  • Actively cross promote activities of other organisations that have EDFA aligned goals and values.

If you have any queries about EDFA, please feel free to ‘Contact us.

Kind regards

Gordon Brockway
EDFA Director

To meet the other members if the board click on the link below